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Resources for Ministries and Families



We are the Children's Ministry of Doxa Deo. We specialise in developing material to empower parents and churches for ministry to the most important People Group - Children! We have been serving the church for more than 25 years, with amazing results. We believe that children need to be introduced to a living relationship with God at a young age. We also believe that the Bible is the foundation on which we should build our lives, values and actions. Therefore our lesson materials are focused to be Christ-Centered, Bible-Based and Child Focussed.
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city changers

Our KIDS worship album is here!! Buy T-Shirts, caps and earphones that goes with the excitement...
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New Products

We have quite a few NEW and exciting products to look at....

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We would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us during office hours with any query regarding our products. We provide free pick-up at any of our Tshwane campuses within 7 working days. Please inform us of your nearest campus for pick-up or your closest Postnet for deliveries. T&C apply.
Daily 09 AM — 5 PM