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Resources for Mnistries and Families!


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New Collection

View our all-new Poppit collection!
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The Secret Is Out!

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Adventure Packs!
With our Adventure packs and cards you can take the adventure wherever you go! We have several coloured branded bags together with your Adventure pack Journal where you and your kids can journey together discovering Jesus! The Treasure Card pack Includes a magnet frame you can place anywhere visible for the whole family. Place your... Read More
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Age Relevant Journals
In either English or Afrikaans, the treasure journals include activities your kids can do while listening to the podcast. We've taken Sunday's teachings and broken them up into small segments to really impart God's word throughout the week.
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We're excited to introduce our family podcasts, drive time and story time. Join us on Spotify or Apple podcasts and journey together every day with a short drive time devotion that connects to the kids journal. Our story time, devotions are also released for our little ones and why not make this part of your family, playtime, devotion, or even bedtime listening.

Taking Ministry to Kids to the next level!

The Secret is out series takes Ministry to kids from the Church to the Home to the World! A lesson series for three different age groups, Pre-School, Grades and Pre-Teens. With our Adventure bags in hand, journey together as Church and Family, where you'll find Interactive Sunday lessons, Weekly Podcasts, age appropriate journals, a family outreach project and so much more! The series is available in English and Afrikaans with graphics, designs and videos in your own language! Discover together as a family with weekly Treasure facts and verses making Jesus part of your every day; family devotion, weekly small group, bedtime story and of course Play time!
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About our products

All our products have been developed to make your job easier!
As parent or teacher, we know your time is limited. Our lesson materials and teaching resources are there to make your job a breeze! Our lessons are all Bible-based and child focussed. Easy to present materials with amazing designs. From room décor, lessons, activities, multimedia and parent guides. We've got it all! But wait, there are even more to come😁
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About Us

Doxa Deo Kids
We are the Children's Ministry of Doxa Deo. We specialise in developing material to empower parents and churches for ministry to the most important People Group - Children! We have been serving the church for more than 25 years, with amazing results. We believe that children need to be introduced to a living relationship with God at a young age. We also believe that the Bible is the foundation on which we should build our lives, values and actions. Therefore our lesson materials are focused to be Christ-Centered, Bible-Based and Child Focussed.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us during office hours with any query regarding our products. We provide free pick-up at any of our Tshwane campuses within 7 working days. Please inform us of your nearest campus for pick-up or your closest Postnet for deliveries. T&C apply.
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